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Earth Energy Vortex Repair/Activation
(Formalized May 2005, Revised August 2005)

The Earth has an energy field similar to the human energy field, with ley lines and vortices that are roughly analagous to the meridians and acupuncuture points of traditional Chinese medicine. Individual Earth energy vortices can have a yin or yang (positive-negative, masculine-feminine) polarization with many of feminine polarization having been damaged or inactivated during the last days of Atlantis and during the period of historical civilizations. Especially since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 many Lightworkers around the planet have been assisting Mother Earth in her dimensional shift by helping stabilize her energy field and by repairing and activating energy vortices.

I feel privilaged to be able to serve Mother Earth as a repairer/clearer and activator/opener of energy vortices. I only recently became aware that my travels as a young man in Central America in 1970 and Egypt in 1972 provided early preparation for this work. I take special pleasure in working with other individuals and groups who join me with the intention to heal Mother Earth in this way.

August 2005 update: In addition to energy vortices with masculine and feminine polarization I have come to recognize a third kind, which I perceive as "neutral" which is associated with nature spirit/elemental energies. Although I use the terms repair and activation, the word "opening" or "clearing" might be better. The vortex is not suddenly "fixed" or wide open. Rather I sense that restraints or blocks are cleared that create the potential unfolding of energies with the support of loving human intention. I have also learned that there is magnetic aspect to my earth energy work although my understanding of what that means is still rudimentary.

Energy Vortex Repair/Cleansing

Damaged energy vortices can be sensed as an area where something doesn't feel quite right and can cause feelings of discomfort for individuals who are very sensitive to Earth energies. All the ones I have worked with so far have been marked by depressions in the ground. When I work with a group to repair a vortex, we stand around the vortex in a circle. After a ceremony to create a sacred space for the work, to which participants are encouraged to add their own elements, we all serve as channels for energy to help release any negative energy associated with the vortex and restore it to its original state. My body movements and vocalizations can be quite intense during the initial energy release process, but eventually there is a shift in the direction of energy flow and my vocalizations become melodic. All participants are invited to move and vocalize as well, if they feel moved to do so. During the process I share any perceptions I receive about what is happening, and afterwards all participants are invited to share their own perceptions.

Energy Vortex Activation

So far all energy vortices that I have activated have been female polarized. I have not done this type of work with a group to date, and will provide further information on what it is like as I gain experience. August 2005 update: I have now opened/cleansed a number of neutral energy vortices as an expression of my gratitude to Mother Earth and her elementals and nature spirits.

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