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Earth Energy Healing Network
(November, 2005, revised June 2009)

How Do I Join?
What Do I Do?
Scheduled EEH Network Activities and Other Earth Healing Events (new May, 2006)
Earth Healing Intentions/Prayers
Some Thoughts on the Clarity and Purity of Our Intentions
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The EEH Network is dedicated to harnessing the energy of human intention for the purpose of releasing the stresses that Mother Earth is experiencing as a result of human activities and the natural stresses resulting from the dimensional shift that is underway in such a way at to minimize harm to all Living Beings on the planet. For background on the dimensional shift that is taking place, and scientific support for the premise that human consciousness is able to shift the timing, location and intensity of geophysical stresses so as to minimize harm please visit my Great Shift website: www.preparingforthegreatshift.org. The principle that collective human intention is much more powerful than individual human intention is being used by many around the planet for individual human healing, prayers for world peace, and other matters. I invite you to join me in focusing our collective intention on Earth healing for the purpose of:

1. Strengthening and balancing the Earth's energy field,
2. Shifting the location, timing and intensity of geophysical stress relief so as to minimize harm to all Living Beings on the planet,
3. Repairing, at an energetic level, damage to nature caused by human activities, and
4. Releasing the pain of human experience held by Mother Earth (the Earth Energy Healing page provides more information about this aspect of Earth healing).
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How Do I Join?

You can join the EEH Network by signing up in the form below and become part of a growing worldwide network of individuals who are committed to working towards healing and wholeness of the Earth's energy field. The most recent monthly EEH Network Newsletter provides further information. (Please double-check to make sure your email address is entered correctly before submitting).

What Do I Do?

Each person determines their own degree of involvement. Members of the network are encouraged to:

1. Commit to personal healing at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Our energy fields are intimately connected to Mother Earth's. When we heal ourselves we contribute to her healing as well.
2. Incorporate Earth healing intentions into one's normal meditation or corresponding practice, or set aside a regular personal time for such a focus (see suggested prayers and thoughts in setting intention below).
3. Provide energetic support to scheduled events with a focus on Earth and human healing. Information about such events is sent out email notices titled Earth Energy Alerts.
4. Submit Earth healing experiences that might be shared with others via the EEH Newsletter.
Minimize harm and work for healing of the Earth at the third dimensional level through personal lifestyle choices, political and social action.

Other degrees of energetic commitment to Earth energy healing are possible. Back to top

Scheduled EEH Network Activities

The Earth Energy Events page and the Earth Energy Healing Network Newsletter may provide information on the location, date and time of scheduled activities for which the joining of intention for Earth healing will be possible.

PROCEDURE FOR CONNECTING TO AN EEH EVENT: When the Network began it felt important to pay attention to timing, and whenever possible connect at the appropriate local time. We are far enough into the dimensional shift that linear time is no longer a limitation for our energetic work. When you receive an Earth Energy Alert and it relates to something that you want to support, all you have to do is set your intention at the time you receive the information to join, asking that you connect at the perfect time for the event. This will work even if you receive the Alert after the event has "happened." Back to Top

Earth Healing Intentions/Prayers

The early work of the EEH Network had a strong emphasis of easing geophysical stresses related to Mother Earth's dimensional shift. In June 2006 I stopped serving as an active physical channel for the energies of the focused intentions of the EEH Network. However everyone has the ability to channel energies for Earth healing. For those who feel drawn to take up this practive, I offer the following which I have used when I set the intention to serve as a channel for Earth healing energies:

I ask that the energies channeled, processed and released during this session serve the highest good of Mother Earth and all Living Beings on the planet through modifying the location, timing and intensity of geophysical and other stress relief so as to minimize harm to Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

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Some Thoughts on the Clarity and Purity of Our Intentions

As I was in the process of developing the concept of the Earth Energy Healing network a Lightworker friend sent me the following thoughtful questions:

Where is the line between human responsibility and human interference during the shift era? Might it be possible for collective human intention to interfere or disrupt some higher plan that is invisible to our 3D consciousness? Might souls have incarnated with the purpose of leaving through Earth-change events that EEH might prevent?

I am aware of examples of human intention seeming to interfere with what might be understood as a higher plan. Larry Dossey, in his 1997 book Be Careful What You Pray For...You Just Might Get It, tells of a man who felt that he was meant to be a writer, but was thwarted for years in achieving this potential. One day he learned that his mother, who had other ambitions for him, prayed fervently every day, asking that he not become a writer. The writer Marion Zimmer Bradley relates the experience of being part of a group of women who prayed to keep a disabled child alive. The child ended up having a very difficult life and the group ended up feeling that they had crossed some boundary of appropriateness of human intention.

A lesson I learned early in my own training as an energy healer is relevant here. Occasionally I introduced a subtle distortion to my energy work by becoming invested in the outcome. This happened when I wanted too much to make a difference, rather than stepping aside, and letting the energy flow as whomever I was connected with took responsibility for the healing. I was taught that I could recognize this effect by a feeling of internal contraction, a restriction of energy flow. When I sensed this I was to pause, open up, and resume when the contracted feeling was gone. Not long after I was taught this in a personal EEH session I "saw" a Japanese whaling ship that was closing in for the kill and had the feeling that I was connecting energetically with the whalers to offer them the opportunity to recognize the harm they were doing. I immediately sensed an internal contraction because I wanted SO much for them have a change of heart. As I was taught, I paused. It was not easy, but I moved into a feeling of unconditional love for the whalers, whatever the outcome.

We enhance the clarity and purity of our intentions by letting the energy flow without a sense of attachment to outcome, a desire to fix things, or to make a difference. The language I have developed for setting the intention for EEH sessions avoids too much specificity by asking that it serve the highest good of Mother Earth and those who inhabit her while minimizing harm. I only become geographically specific in a session when I feel guided to do so.

An important part of my own spiritual practice is to pay attention to those thoughts and feelings that restrict the flow of energy, cause a sense of contraction. When I observe this I pause, acknowledge the feeling, and to the best of my ability allow the energy to flow more freely. When the restriction of flow arises from overzealous application of our positive intentions we do not cause harm, but perhaps contribute less to the higher good of all than we would without the restriction.

It is easy for those of us who love Mother Earth and feel the wounds humanity inflicts upon her to be frustrated, angry, and driven by a sense of urgency. For the reasons I have discussed above, I invite those of you who feel drawn to join the Earth Energy Healing network to let go of those feelings as best you can, at least during the times when you specifically join me in this sacred work.

Finally, there is the question as to whether the EEH network might prevent the departure of souls who have incarnated for the purpose of leaving through earth change events. It is my understanding that there are souls and soul groups who have incarnated for the purpose of leaving through earth change events, but I am confident that the intentions of the EEH network have been set is such a way so as to avoid interference. Those of you who are familiar with my Great Shift website (www.preparingforthegreatshift.org ) know the significance I place on the timeline shift that occurred at the time of the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987. Before then the probable timeline for Earth was that most people born before August 1987 would be dead now as a result of multiple, catastrophic earth changes. The timeline shift provides the opportunity for the large majority of people alive on the planet today to participate in the dimensional shift that is underway through transformation rather than death of our physical bodies.

Nevertheless, there are individuals and groups who for their own higher dimensional reasons (which are not necessarily consciously known), or as their way of contributing to the Great Shift, have chosen to die in earth change events. Higher dimensional sources I have encountered indicate that the earthquakes in Iran several years ago in which tens of thousands died, including entire villages, involved souls who were working out some form of collective karma. Also the disproportionate number of young children who died in the tsunami last year volunteered to incarnate for that specific purpose in order to provide the rest of humanity the opportunity to open its heart to the suffering and loss of those left behind. If others have a different perspective on this question I would like to hear from you. These could be shared and discussed in future issues of the EEH Network Newsletter.

Donations to help cover the cost of maintaining the Earth Energy Healing website are welcomed.

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