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Earth Energy Healing
(Formalized March 2004, minor revisions November 2005)

As a geologist I devoted thirty-five years of my life working to understand, protect and heal the Earth using the methods of modern science. Since my spiritual awakening in November, 2002, I have been developing, with higher dimensional guidance, the ability to channel and focus energy from the human energy field (HEF) and universal energy field (UEF) to facilitate healing on multiple levels.

The Earth's Energy Field

James Lovelock's Gaia theory, that the Earth functions as a self-regulating system for optimizing conditions for life to exist, provides the scientific basis for viewing the Earth as a physical organism. Many higher dimensional sources (including Mother Earth herself) confirm that the Earth functions as a conscious, self-aware entity, with an energy field that is analogous to the human energy field. Human-induced physical trauma to the Earth caused by mining, deforestation, pollution of all forms affect the balance of the earth's energy field (EEF) negatively. As discussed in my Great Shift website, Mother Earth is experiencing severe geophysical stresses in the form of increased earthquake and volcanic activty and severe weather as result of the dimensional shift. At the same time, human consciousness has reached a level where we have the ability, with focused thought, to shift the location or modify the intensity of geophysical events so as to minimize harm to humans and other life of the planet. Finally, part of the coevolutionary contract that humanity and Mother Earth have is that she holds the pain of human experience that is more than individuals can handle until such time that humans are ready to work cooperatively with nature to release that pain. It is time for us to be doing this now.*

We are privileged to live during a time when humanity and planet Earth are rapidly approaching a shift to our next stage of evolution. Our individual energy fields are intimately connected to Mother Earth's energy field, so any time we do personal healing we are healing Mother Earth as well. Our power for Earth healing increases as a quadratic function when multiple individuals join together with focussed intention (two have the power of four, four the power of sixteen and so on). Everyone who participates in a group Earth Energy Healing session will be channeling healing energies. I function as the facilitator (with higher dimensional guidance), gathering, integrating, focusing and directing these energies to serve the highest good of Mother Earth and those participating.

Elements of a Group Earth Energy Healing Session

Setting. This work can take place inside or outside. When inside a building participants usually sit in chairs in a semicircle or circle around me. When outside my Guides will lead me to the best location and participants stand rather than sit.

Focus. The primary focus of this work is (1) strengthening and balancing the Earth's energy field, (2) shifting the location, timing and intensity of geophysical stress relief so as to minimize harm to all Living Beings on the planet, (3) repairing, at an energetic level, damage to nature caused by human activities, and (4) releasing of the pain of human experience held by Mother Earth.* A secondary focus of the work is personal healing for participants.

What Happens. I never know what exactly is going to happen in a session, but I manifest the energies that are moving through my body by movement, vocalization and toning. Visually, people have described my body movements as looking at times like sacred or shamanic dance. At other times my body and face will go into grotesque contortions and I may vocalize intense emotions such as anger or grief. I give a running commentary that informs participants of what I perceive is happening, and opportunities are provided for participants to voice their feelings and perceptions. During a session a portion of the Earth pain is channeled through the body of each person participating to me, which I receive and release. During the energy replenishment stage (associated with melodic toning) the flow of energies reverses and I send pure energy to each participant who then channels it to the Earth. In the personal healing part of a session, participants are given the opportunity to release emotions or experiences that create blockages or imbalances in their energy fields. Sessions typically last from thirty to forty minutes and participants are invited to share perceptions afterwards.

*I first learned about Mother Earth's role in holding human pain in her energy field from Machaelle Small Wright in her book Behaving As If the God in All Life Mattered. In the Perelandra Garden Workbooks, Machaelle describes the Battle Energy Release Process, developed with guidance from nature, which allows individuals to release this pain from land for which they own. Her latest book The Mount Shasta Mission describes in more detail her experiences developing this process at the Gettysburg battle site.

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