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First Posted 4/4/06, formally launched 4/18/06
(Updated 2011--see Index below)

Note (January, 2015): Several years ago my own spiritual journey took me in a direction where I no longer felt called to personally work with individuals dealing with the kinds of energetic issues presented in this web page and I removed it from my Earth Energy Healing website. It has come to my attention that the information presented here may still be of some value to others as they make their way on their spiritual journeys, so I am reposting it. Whether you find the information of value or not, I wish everyone who finds this page the best.

Blessings and Love, Russell

If you have reached this page, whether by invitation, finding the unobtrusive link in my Earth Energy Healing website, word of mouth or via a web search, it is probably not an accident. If you are familiar with my Great Shift work, you will know that I place great emphasis on the importance of each of us practicing discernment at all times and that we accept the validity of any information that comes to us only if it resonates with that part of our inner knowing that we trust the most. I ask you to test all of the information presented here and accept only that which rings true to you. If you would like to know more about me, the person who is offering this information, you can click on the "About Russell" link at the top of the page.


These Are the times That Try Starseed and Lightworker Souls
What Is a Starseed/Lightworker Miasm?

Other Types of Miasms (new September 2006, updated August 2008 with addition of discussion of negative entity miasms and "good" miasms)
How Can I Tell If I Have a Miasm?
Russell's Experiences with Miasms
Dealing With SLMs and SLM Self Release (updated August 2008)
Suggestions for Remaining Clear of SLMs
Energy Practitioners with Experience with SLM Release (updated October, 2007)
Supplemental Material
The Game of Duality Explained (new January 2008)
Dealing with Mischievous Entitites and Other Energetic Challenges (new September, 2006)
Introductory Psychic Self Defence (by Jane Sherry and Curtis Lang, Satya Center--many good suggestions for basic energetic hygiene--new November, 2007)
Advanced Psychic Self Defense (by Lisa Renee, new October 2006)
Psychic Self Defense CD (by George King, Aetherius Society--new January 2008)
The Fight Against Evil (by Marion Webb-De Sisto--posted September 2008)
Psychic Self Defense (Change the Paradigm, 2011)

These Are the Times That Try Starseed and Lightworker Souls

If you are reading this, I am assuming that you are a Starseed soul (primary soul experience lies wth some other star system) or other Lightworker who has chosen to play some special role in support the the Great Shift, which I understand to be a dimensional shift that both humanity and Mother Earth are making together. In my April 2006 Great Shift/Earth Changes Update Newsletter ( I give a very brief summary of the reasons I hold a very positive view of the future. Nevertheless, I have observed that many incarnated Starseeds/Lightworkers are experiencing unusually difficult challenges. Some, perhaps many, of these challenges are ones that we have chosen, if not consciously, then at a higher dimensional level, as part of our work in support of the Great Shift. However, I have very recently (late-March, 2006) become aware that many Starseeds/Lightworkers are experiencing difficulties that are not a necessary part of their ascension process or work in support of the Shift, thanks to our friends in the Loyal Opposition.

The situation, as I understand it, is that those higher dimensional Beings (negatively polarized souls) whose objective is to minimize the number of people who make the Great Shift have their back against a metaphysical wall, so-to-speak. What is happening on Earth at this time is a very high-stakes round of the Game of Duality and our friends in the Loyal Opposition are not at all pleased with the way the game is going. Consequently the Loyal Opposition has chosen the present time (early 2006 for an unpreditctable length of time, but I will be very surprised if it lasts much longer than a year) to do their best to impair the ability of Starseeds/Lightworkers who are seen as doing especially significant work in support of the Shift. One way this is being accomplished is through the use of what I call Starseed/Lightworker Miasms (SLMs), which, once recognized, can be dealt with relatively easily if one understands what is going on.

The Good News is that Starseeds and Lightworkers who deal with the unfair shenanigans of our negatively polarized friends with love, grace, patience, gratitude, and good humor are creating amazing additional energy in support of the Great Shift. Even those who grumble and resist the resistance are doing no harm. For the most part we are dealing with non-karmic energies here. Those who keep their cool are racking up higher dimensional Brownie points, and those who don't will have plenty of laurels to rest upon at the great Cosmic celebration that awaits us at some point in the not-too-distant future. Back to Index

What is a Starseed/Lightworker Miasm?

In my Great Shift book, when I have encountered terms that tend to elicit a negative emotional response, I have made a practice of trying to use more neutral terms. When I say "alien energetic implant" how do you respond? I feel a definite contracted energy in that term, and so I will use Starseed/Lightworker Miasm (SLM) instead. I use the term miasm in the sense that Machaelle Small Wright does:

Miasms are energy realities that exist independently of and within life systems. A miasm may be viewed as a localized pocket or concentration of energies comprising elements that do not enhance, stabilize or maintain the balance and well-being of the larger life system. A miasm is a small energy reality that is part of a larger life system but is out of time and place with the overall direction and purpose of that larger system.

The kind of miasm we are dealing with here is one that has been placed within the energy field of Starseed/Lightworker for the specific purpose of impairing his or her functioning in support of the Great Shift. When, how and by whom an SLM has been placed may or may not be important (if it is, this information may be revealed when it is released). My sense is that most probably originate from what I call fourth density/dimensional METOs (mischievous extraterrestrial organizations), and that many new ones have been placed quite recently and that other sleeping SLMs have been activated recently.

Other Forms of Psychic Greeting. An SLM is a particularly intense form of psychic greeting or, in more common parlance, psychic attack. I prefer the term psychic greeting, because I find it easier to look upon our mischievous negatively polarized friends as teachers and to view the challenges they offer me as opportunities to practice the unconditional love that I preach. The sixth density entity Ra channeled through Carla Rueckert in 1981 said that negatively oriented signals can come to us as thought-forms, word-forms and visions (The Law of One, Book V, page 74). Entities from lower astral planes feed on negative emotions such as fear, anger and distrust, and may create situations that encourage such emotions. Here in the third dimension other humans can consciously or unconsciously (and with or without higher dimenstional assistance) create situations that trigger a negative emotional response. The difference between an SLM and other forms of psychic greeting is that its effects are continuous, whereas the others are situational and when the situation changes (especially respond in a positive fashion) the challenge is over.

Spirit May Also Offer Us Challenges That Appear to Be a Psychic Greeting. We should not assume that all difficult situations that we encounter are initiated by our friends in the Loyal Opposition. For example, a Lightworker friend whom I assisted in releasing an SLM found that her computer would not let her send me email messages, although she could send them to other people. Finally, she called me up, and as we talked it became evident that it was necessary for us to be communicating by voice rather than email at that time. Were the email communications difficulties caused by Spirit or the Loyal Opposition? When we asked this question we realized that the answer was irrelevant, what mattered was how we dealt with the situation, which in this particular case ended up being helpful for both of us.

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Other Types of Miasms

I offer a somewhat broader context for understanding miasms in Dealing with Mischievous Entities and Other Energetic Challenges, but I am always learning more. This section offers information of other types of miasms as I learn about them. Lisa Renee's articles on Psychic Self Defense also provide good insights into other types of energetic challenges we may experience.

Water Miasms Judi, a Lightworker friend has shared the following with me:

My miasm was created by being forced into the water and not allowing the water to help me even though it tried to. It was just too cold for me to accept. But I also was beaten badly before being forced into it. The cold well water in the fall was meant to help hurriedly with the bruising beginning to surface. The person who forced me into it was panicking of being found out. You get the picture. Other miasms I have seen as a healer have been caused by various reasons but all have been in contact with the water. In other words water was used to create a negative effect i.e., torture, drowning, create fears, push people past fears. Accidentally falling into water or a boating capsize. The list goes on and on. So you can see how the answer could be both. How ever the miasm was formed one thing always remains the same, they have some kind of uneasiness in some shape or form with relation to water period. That can vary greatly also. But water is always the root of it.

Karmic Connection Miasms. Another Lightworker with clairvoyant high sense perception shared with me that at one point in her journey she saw a dark, energetic cord that connected her with her former husband, even though she thought she had energetically cleared her karmic relationship with him. This appeared to have attached because he had not cleared his side of the the karmic connection. Once she recognized it, she was able to remove it. It seems to me that the SLM self-release procedure described below is also suitable for clearing this kind of miasm as well. Lisa Renee's cord cutting visualization may also be helpful.

Negative Entity Attachments (Miasms). In August, 2008 I received the following comments from a Reiki practitioner:

We may have a terminology barrier. As part of my practice of repairing chakras, I clear negative entity attachments from clients energy systems. This includes external, internal, cloaked, booby-trapped, and mental attachments. In your terminology, do you consider these energy entities to be miasms?

My response is, Yes, I would consider these to be miasms because they fit into the definition given above. The term includes many energetic phenomena, such as implants, and curses. I see nothing wrong in using these other terms provided they can be used in a way that doesn't instill unnecessary fear.

Good (White) Miasms. Not all miasms are "bad." I know energy workers who have received energetic implants that were intended to be used to help activate healing energetic grids on the planet. Those on a spiritual path may have objects placed in their energy fields during initiations or for other reasons.

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How Can I Tell If I Have an SLM?
After reading the description above, you have probably already had an intial reaction that answers the question. If you are unsure, the following questions may help your discernment process:
  1. Am I feeling blocked even though it feels like I am doing the right things on my spiritual path?
  2. Am I experiencing physical and/or emotional challenges that seem unreasonable in relation to the amount of personal healing I have done so far? Note: this question may not be applicable if you are letting Mother Earth use your body to process energies to ease her stress--for more about this see the EEH Newsletters #3 and #4:
  3. Am I experiencing difficulties in my interactions with other Lightworkers/people that don't make any sense?
  4. Am I experiencing resistance to asking for help from others, either friends or those I know can help me, or asking for the higher dimensional assistance that I know is available to me?
  5. (For Starseed souls): Am I receiving communication from my ET brothers and sisters that I know is helpful, but the experience creates feelings of discomfort or fear?
  6. Do I find myself fascinated, indignant, outraged, or angry by the lies, manipulation and deception of those who control our political, economic and certain religious institutions, and spend a lot of time trying to find the latest information about them?

A positive answer to any of the above questions indicates the possibility that an SLM is at work. Some other information I have found on the web about SLMs that I have found useful is from the Energy and Spiritual Healing Center in Portland, OR: Entity, Drains and Implant Clearing.

Physical Symptoms: SLMs may be evident as physical symptoms as well, but because the same physical symptoms can have very different origins, I would not rely on physical symptoms as a primary means for assessing the presence of an SLM. An SLM can serve as a steady energy drain, which in turn can manifest as a feeling of extreme tiredness. However, if a feeling of tiredness is not accompanied by signs listed above, it may simply be a result of what the higher dimensional Being Kryon calls the "heavy lifting" that Lightworkers are doing in support of the Great Shift. Physical sensations, such as tightness, constriction, pain, or other discomfort may occur in the part of the body where an SLM is attached. A Lightworker friend had commented to me several times about a feeling of pain in the area of his heart chakra. When he read this page he recognized it as coming from an SLM, and the pain was gone when he released it. A few days before writing this, Spirit played a gentle joke on me, which I will share as a cautionary tale. The evening after a large Easter dinner I began to feel discomfort in the area of my heart chakra. When I notice something like this I consciously focus on opening my heart chakra, but to my consternation the discomfort continued. I wondered if I was receiving some form of psychic greeting until I suddenly let out a loud burp. It wasn't a psychic greeting, I had heartburn cause by overeating! I laughed at myself, and thanked Spirit for the lesson. A loud tone or ringing in the left ear is an an indicator of psychic greeting (in the right ear the sound is a message from Spirit saying, "Listen, take heed"). I have experienced the left-ear ringing a lot lately, and use it a reminder to keep my heart chakra open and express gratitude for the reminder I have been given.

Location and Number of Attachmenst. SLMs attach to a person's energy field in such a way that they usually appear to be attached to, or within the physical body. Common locations for attachment include the back of the skull, abdomen, solar plexus, heart chakra, and throat chakra, but I have also encountered them on arms and legs. Individuals can carry more than one SLM, with several being common. The most I have encountered on a single person was five. Back to Index

Russell's Experiences with SLMs

When I told Spirit in November 2002, "I'm ready, take me as far and as fast as you can," my intention seemed, initially at least, to have given me an immuni ty to SLMs, but Spirit has seen fit to bring a surprising variety of information and first-hand experience with SLMs in others, and recently, myself. I will share these experiences and end by offering some guidelines for SLM release.

I was first introduced to the idea of unhelpful energetic "implants" in early 2005 when an energy healer shared her experience of having an implant removed and told me the procedure she was taught to use for removing one from others. The whole thing seemed a bit strange for me, but sure enough, not long after that I performed an AAA ceremony with a very spiritual person who felt like he had been blocked all his life from fulfilling his real potential (see my website for about Activation for Accelerated Ascension). As we were talking afterwards I perceived that he still had an SLM. I didn't say anything to him about it at the time, but decided that I would when we did a followup session and offer to remove it. Much to my amazement, shortly before we were scheduled to meet again he called me up excitedly and said, "I have to tell you what just happened!" He described sitting at his computer and spontaneously asking Spirit to remove the blockage he was feeling. Even though he had never heard of an energetic implant, with minor differences, he had done exactly what I would have done to remove the SLM! He also said that he had just weighed himself that morning. After the release he weighed himself again and he had lost two pounds.

In the fall of 2005 a Lightworker friend who is a body/cranial sacral practitioner described, also with some surprise, being guided to remove an energetic "box" from a woman she was working with. She said it felt like it weighed about ten pounds when it was out and held in her hands. She released the energy to wherever was its highest good. She had never done anything like that before, and had not known specifically about energetic implants until I told her what I knew. The interesting thing is that she also talked about feeling blocked in her life and I perceived that she had an SLM, and offered to help release it when she felt ready. My Lightworker friend's life became increasingly difficult and about six months after I made the offer she asked to trade energy sessions. During the session I did with her, I removed a SLM from her abdoman that felt to be about nine inches long and three inches high/wide and felt quite heavy. I received no information about its origin (in retrospect I think that this may have been what Marlana calles a drain, rather than an implant). That was early in 2006.

At this point I should say that I have plenty on my plate right now with my Great Shift and Earth Energy healing work and if I had my personal druthers I would be working out in the garden right now rather than dealing with SLMs. Spirit, however, seems to have other priorities and in early March I felt guided to offer several distance energy session to a Lightworker friend in California to support his work helping others deal with challenges offered by the Loyal Opposition. For a while he had been simply using his newly acquired Lightsword to sever strands of dark energy that he perceived attached to the energy field of people he worked with. Recently he decided to follow one of the strands back to its source and found a huge spaceship with thousands of stands attached to Lightworkers. Shortly after that his wife "caught" an SLM attached to her field (it was a tricky little bugger and kept disappearing into another dimension). She followed it back to the same spaceship and asked why this was being done. The response was: We aren't happy with how things turned out on Earth and we are trying to stop it.

As I write this (early April), it is a few days since I received the information about the spaceship, and I have felt guided to offer assistance with SLM release to a number of Starseed/Lightworker friends. I have also been called on an emergency basis to enter into several very difficult energetic situations where I was aware of SLMs becoming attached to me as I helped the person in need (I released them from myself later). More importantly, I am feeling guided to share what I have learned, and offer additional information that may help others identify and release SLMs. Back to Index

Dealing With SLMs

The first day I posted this site and shared it with my Lightworker friends Omaran and Antera at Mt Shasta, that evening Archangel Michael through Antera and said that just by being aware of an SLM can help diminish its disruptive effects. He also said that even if one is removed, it's no guarantee that others won't come back. Our friends in the Loyal Opposition are getting increasingly desperate and changing their tactics daily, so Lightworkers need to keep on their toes and do the same.

The suggestions that are offered here are exactly that, suggestions to be used, adapted, modified according to your own inner/higher guidance. First, I would like to be up-front about a bias that colors the way I present this information. I'm a sweetness-and-light kind of guy, who plays the Game of Duality without much attachment to the outcome. I greatly admire my Warrior-of-Light friends, but I have observed that they can subtly open themselves to interference by what I prefer to call our friends on the Loyal Opposition (rather than Dark Lords) by viewing the game as a battle between for forces of Light and Darkness, and falling into an us-versus-them frame of mind. You can find out more about my approach to the Game of Dualilty by downloading Chapter 6 and Appendix C from my Great Shift website:

SLM Self Release My sense is that many SLMs can be released by the person holding it, once they are aware of its existence. The following procedure may provide a useful framework for do-it-yourselfers. At the time I formally launched this page (April 18) I had released several SLMs from myself, and one other person had reported successful use of this procedure. September, 2006 update: Another person has reported successful use of this procedure. In personal energy sessions I have done with others where SLMs are involved, I basically walk them through this procedure so that they actually release the miasm themselves.

  1. Follow whatever procedures you use to call in higher dimensional support for creating a sacred space in your meditation, energy or other practice. If you do not routinely call in Archangel Michael and his legions, I recommend that you do so--they are always near but must be called in to actively assist.

  2. Bring your focus to the SLM. Those who are very in tune to their own energy fields will probably be sense a location and shape, but this is not necessary. Consider the emotions that arise when you consider the SLM. Do you feel anger, resentment or fear? If you feel any of these emotions, this is the time to release the emotion(s), practice loving forgiveness of those who placed the SLM, and express gratitude for the opportunity that these folks have given you the opportunity to practice what you preach.

  3. At this point you have two options for actually releasing the SLM, depending on what feels most comfortable to you:

  4. You should be able to sense an energetic difference, or "know" that the release process has been successful at this point. If it does not feel like there has been a change, ask for higher guidance concerning what to do next. Remember that just being aware that you are holding an SLM diminishes its disruptive effects and can be a useful catalyst for practicing loving forgiveness.

  5. Follow whatever procedures you use to close the ceremonial/sacred space you have created for the purpose of SLM release. If the procedure has been successful the suggestions for staying clear of SLMs may be useful. If the SLM remains, follow your guidance for the next step. If you feel guided to obtain assistance from someone else, you can check out the list of energy practitioners with experience in SLM release or ask an energy practitioner you know if they can help (you can refer them to this page if they are unfamiliar with the perspective offered here).

A number of people have shared with me that they have found this self-release process helpful. In March, 2008, Laura, a mother of a young child, physical therapist and dietician shared the following:

On Sunday night, I followed the steps [for the self-release procedure] exactly as you described. Upon meditation, I felt a drain/energetic attachment at my heart chakra, my throat chakra, and my left arm. I asked Archangel Michael to sever the attachment and then meditated on my well-being for about an hour. There was an immediate release in the throat and arm, but it felt like a huge hole/weight remained on my heart. It still felt like a hole the next morning, but I definately noticed a shift in my energy.

Monday night, I repeated the process, only this time I called in the being that placed the miasm and commanded them to remove it, never use it again, and to never place on on my being again. I thanked it for the opportunity to learn and grow and then repeated the command. There was a strong physical sensation like a "tug" which I felt for about two or three minutes. Again, the "hole" sensation remained but there was an immediate shift in that area of my body and my following meditation was much more powerful.

Over the course of Tuesday and today I felt the "hole" knit closed. That area of my body now feels "whole." :-)

In August, 2008 a Reiki practioner, shared the following experience in removing miasms:

So far, my only contact with miasms has been to clear them for my stepdaughter Sarah as she was going through her final stages in her journey with cancer. I had no idea what miasms were, but was told by my lightworker teacher that they might be the root cause of her cancer. With detailed instructions from my teacher, I managed to clear all seven of Sarah's dark miasms. I was told emphatically to leave the white miasms intact (without knowing what they were). An insight I received after doing that clearing let me know that it would not help Sarah in this lifetime, but meant that she would not be carrying those limitations with her through other lifetimes.

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Suggestions for Remaining Clear of SLMs.

My encounters with our friends in the Loyal Opposition have usually occured as a result of a lapse in concentration while working with multidimensional energies, although I have also been blind-sided a few times. In general, Lightworkers are most vulnerable to interference when they are doing their sacred work, although we also become vulnerable if we perceive day-to-day activities as stressful and allow negative emotions to accumulate without acknowledging and releasing them. Starseed souls and other Lightworkers volunteered for this particular tour of duty on Earth and the Loyal Opposition views us a fair game for gambits that may subtly influence or diminish our abiliity to serve the Light. I say subtly influence or diminish, because very rarely have I seen more than that. Our commitment to service to others keeps us from doing serious harm, but an SLM may make accomplishing a particular task difficult rather than easy. The task still gets accomplished, but when the energy is flowing freely, without the influence of an SLM, more can be done.

The following suggestions for remaining clear of SLMs arise primarily from my own experience, and experiences other Lightworkers have shared with me. I welcome the input of others for additions, elaborations, clarifications, and so on. These suggestions apply especially to times when Lightworkers are working with multidimensional energies, but may also at time be useful in day-to-day activities.

  1. Challenge any energy if you feel even a shadow of a doubt as to its intentions. I have been taught to make the challenge three times. If you do not already have language for making such a challenge, I recommend that you develop language that feels right for you. I use the following challenge: Are you in service of Divine Light and Unconditional Love for all Beings? Other Lightworkers I know invoke the Christ Consciousness. To give you an idea of how tricky our friends in the Loyal Oppposition can be, much my chagrin, I discovered that the challenge I first developed (Are you aligned with Divine Light and Unconditional Love) was a question to which an honest affirmative answer could be given. If I do not sense a clear affirmative answer to the challenge, I express thanks for the opportunity I have been given to practice discernment in the energies I am working with and instruct the energy/entity to not interfere, but invite it to observe from a distance if it is so inclined.

  2. Interruptions, such as telephone calls, that cause even a momentary loss of concentration and focus can be used as an opening for our Loy Opp friends to slip in. I learned this lesson in a dramatic way early in my training as an energy channeler, which has been guided entirely higher dimensionally, so I have spent a lot of time working with multidimensional energies. During a personal session the phone rang and I interrupted the session to answer it. When I returned to the session I observed some unfamiliar entitities (at the time I didn't even know about the practice of challenging unfamiliar energy) and found that my vocal chords were making sounds that didn't feel right. It soon became clear to me that something was wrong and I found that I was unable to reassert control of my vocal chords to stop the misuse. I realized that I was out of my depth and simply called for help. Some supporting energies came in and my arm pointed at the interdimensional window that had opened that was allowing the control and closed it. This is probably not a good example (I was almost clueless about the nature of the energies I was working with, so the lessons at that stage of my training needed to be the club-on-the-side-of-the-head sort). A more likely use of a lapse in concentration is to slip in unobtrusively and let the energy work continue as very subtle distortions are interjected or simply to attach an SLM and slip out again. If you experience an interruption in your work, pay special attention to refocusing. Scan the area and make sure that there are no interfering energies present before resuming.

  3. Call upon Archangel Michael and his legions of Light as a regular part of creating a sacred space for working with multidimensional energies if you don't already do so. Also, never hestitate to call upon his help at any other time. This help is always near, but only in exceptional cases will it intervene without being asked to come in. As I write this I realize that it was Archangel Michael who helped extricate me from the situation I described just above.

  4. Take care of yourself when working energetically with others. A Lightworker who released her own SLM by sending forgiveness and love to the entity at the other end of the connecting chord, remembered when it had become attached to her. About four months before she had done a Reiki session with a friend and released it from him. She was aware of the SLM going behind her, but didn't realize that it had then attached to her. When she followed the chord back and asked why, the response was "revenge." This SLM had been attached to her friend for a very long time and the controlling entity was very displeased when it was released. A preoccupation with increasing "protective" measures is not necessarily the answer--this is an emotional response that delights our friends in the Loyal Opposition. Awareness and attention accompanied by prudent measures to set one's own energetic boundaries will usually suffice. Twice I have had to enter an emergency situation where I had to maintain my focus on the person I was helping. Each time I became aware at some point that an SLM had become attached to me (once on my right calf, and the other time at the back of my skull). I simply acknowledged them with love when I became first aware of them, and waited until a later time when I could focus my attention on releasing them.

  5. Don't mix multidimensional energetic work with everyday activities, such as using a cell phone for connecting to others doing active energy work while driving. When we try to multitask the humdrum and the transcendant we become very vulnerable to the activities of our mischievous friends.

  6. Be very careful when focusing attention on what I call the EFITLO (Earth Friends in the Loyal Oppostion--better known as the Cabal, Illuminati, or Secret Shadow Government). Our Loy Opp friends are masters of misinformation, manipulation, and deception and websites that focus on these activities are their playground. The Truth will come out, and the EFITLO will be held accountable, but in the meantime I recommend caution when surfing the web for information about these topics. I have encountered websites that contain very subtle energetic encodements for shutting down the heart chakra of those reading the material. One effect of an SLM may be to encourage excessive fascination with such websites. Conversely, emotions of anger, resentment, indignation, fear, or powerlessness that arise when encountering information about the EFITLO's activities can provide an opening for emplacement of an SLM.

If I were to summarize the above suggestions in three words, they would be: discernment, discernment, discerment.

The day after writing the above section I was drawn to read The Law of One Book V: Personal Material, published fourteen years after the first four books, which, in my opinion, remain some of the highest quality channeled material that is available (see Chapter 4 of my Great Shift book, available at the link provided above for the criteria I use to evaluate channeled material). Our friends in the Loyal Opposition went to exceptional measures to block the transmission of the Ra material and Carla Rueckert and Jim McCarty have courageously shared the personal material that was omitted from the first four volumes. At one point, fairly early in Ra transmissions, Don Elkins asked: What can we do to protect our selves from negative influences in general, and are there any rituals or meditations that we can do to protect our selves? Ra replied:

[W]e see protection being very simple. Give thanksgiving for each moment. See the self and the other-self as Creator. Open the heart. Always know the light and praise it. This is all the protection necessary. (The Law of One Book V, 1994:55-56, available from L/L Research).

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Energy Practitioners with Experience in SLM and Other Miasm Release [Updated September 22, 2016]

If you feel drawn to seek assistance from someone else for SLM release the following practitioners have agreed to be listed: [If you are an energy healer and have experience helping others releasing SLMs and would like to be listed, email Russell at:]:

Johnny Melville, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, works with the Pleiadian Lightwork energy healing modality:

Karl Mollison and Team Archangel perform attached spirit removal, past life karmic repair, and psychic attack removal, among other services:

Eric Raines specializes in implant removal: See the following short interview of Eric by Denny Hunt:

Lisa Renee, Santa Monica, CA: See, also, her Psychic Self Defense articles which I have adapted with her permission for this webpage.

Meg Shehad, Friendswood, TX: (1-888-GRITMAN). Meg specializes in using essential oils to clear more than a dozen different types of negative energy that may be present in one's energy field. She helped me clear a negative karmic implant that would have been very difficult for me to clear myself. I recommend her highly.

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