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Starseed/Lightworker Miasms (3):
The Game of Duality Explained
Posted January 5, 2008

Dear Reader,

The following text is excerpted from Chapters 6, and 7 of my book Preparing Ourselves for the Great Shift, Volume I: A Guide to Cosmic and Global Aspects of the Coming Dimensional Shift in Human Consciousness. I have included pertinent sections the describe how I understand the Game of Duality to be played in different dimensions and on Earth in particular.

Blessings, Love and Light,

Russell Boulding

Index (I have included the full text, so cross-references to sections other than these are not include.

6.2 The Game of Duality
       6.2.1 Two Spiritual Paths: Service to Others and Service to Self
       6.2.2 Shift Happens!
7.1 Multi-Dimensional Perspectives on Space and Time.
       7.1.1 Density, Vibration and Dimensional Levels
       7.1.2 Coexisting and Parallel Dimensions
       7.1.3 A Seven Density Model for the Evolution of Consciousness
       7.1.4 A Seven Dimensional Model of the Larger Reality
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6.2 The Game of Duality

The stronger the thunder, the more powerful the lightning. All reiterate - the New Age arrives in storm and lightning. For the lightening there are needed positive and negative energies. If Maya does not furnish the negative evidence, how then can flash forth the sword-blade of positive reality? Ascended Master Morya/Helena Roerich (Agni Yogi Society, 1951:236).

In the third Conversations with God book, God introduces the concept of the Divine Dichotomy - two contradictory truths that coexist in the same time and place - and gives as an example the statements, "All is love" and "Evil exists" (Walsch, 1998:176). It is easy to view the drama that is being played out in our third dimensional experience as a battle between the forces of good and evil, with evil seeming to have the upper hand at the moment. This is the only place in my writing that you will find the "e" wo d because it is a third-dimensional concept that, in my opinion, is a hindrance rather than a help in the process of learning how to play and ultimately transcend the Game of Duality. We give power to where we focus our thoughts and the "e" word has gained much power here on planet Earth. I prefer using terms such as light and dark, positive and negative polarization, or beneficial and mischievous to characterize the contrasting forces of duality. By the same token, using the militaristic term "battle" to characterize the interplay between these forces implies a grim seriousness that I don't feel is merited. On the other hand, the Game of Duality can be played between good friends and enjoyed when it is not take too seriously.

We are coming to the end of a particularly intense and high-stakes round of the game on Earth at this time. Here I would like to offer some information and perspectives that I hope you may find useful in developing your own understanding of and strategies for playing the game. You won't find this perspective in any mainstream textbook on philosophy or theology. I'll be giving some higher dimensional perspectives on negative polarization as a spiritual path, why the innocent suffer, and the role of extraterrestrials (ETs) in the Game of Duality.

6.2.1 Two Spiritual Paths: Service to Others and Service to Self.

One of the most useful higher dimensional perspectives I have found which helped me come to view what is happening on Earth as a game to be played rather than a grim war to be won comes from Ra, the sixth dimensional collective consciousness channeled through Carla Rueckert that I introduced in Section 4.2.3 (Ra, 1984). Ra affirms the ultimate unity of all things, expressing it as the Law of One. In Section 4.1.1 I noted that creativity in the cosmos arises from the process of individuation of consciousness. Free will is the mechanism that allows independent action of individuated consciousness, even when it recognizes itself and others to be part of the same unitary consciousness (Ra called it the first "distortion" of the Law of One).

Readers, forgive me for this digression, but what I thought was going to be an easy section to write, drawing primarily from the Ra material, turned out to be challenging, as I wrestled with questions that were not asked of Ra. I have used the term "Source of All That Is" to describe the unimaginable unitary consciousness of which we are all a part, but now find it inadequate. This Source Is, but it also Does, so we have a Divine Dichotomy of the highest order with the simultaneous Is-ness and Does-ness of the Source of All That Is/Does (the term I will use from here on out). In human experience this translates into the state of Being and the action of Doing. The transcendent states of consciousness that can be obtained in meditation or by simply being in nature allow our sense of individual boundaries to dissolve and merge with the Is-ness of the Source. When we set intention and act upon it, we are part of the Does-ness of the Source. Individuated consciousnesses that have chosen an evolutionary path of separation and then movement toward reunification with the Is-ness aspect of the Source are the active agents of change and creation in the cosmos.

Getting back to Ra, from my perspective, the Law of One relates to the Is-ness of the Source, the "distortion" of free will relates to the Does-ness. According to Ra, there are two spiritual paths that an individuated consciousness which has committed itself to an evolutionary path of doing can follow as a way to return to union with the Source of All That Is/Does:

It was a real eye-opener for me to think of the self-serving, power-hungry individuals who seem to dominate the media headlines as on a spiritual path. On a mixed planet like Earth (Ra says that there are also many planets that are either entirely positively or entirely negatively polarized), the Game of Duality is played out in a particularly intense way. The service-to-self folks have plenty of innocent service-to-others folks to manipulate, while providing abundant opportunities for the service-to-others folks to learn the lesson of offering unconditional love to very unlovable people.

An interesting and, for me, heartening thing about the service-to-self spiritual path is that it is viable only through the fifth dimension (Ra uses the term density - see Sections 7.1.3 and 7.1.4 for the relationship between density and dimension). In the early sixth-dimensional stage of evolution these souls recognize the necessity for switching to the service-to-others path. In many ways the service-to-self path is a much more difficult spiritual path (see Section C2.1 for more on how difficult it is).

My higher dimensional friend Aaron has encouraged me to point out the limitations of the service-to-others/service-to-self model of spiritual evolution. To place the emphasis on service to others or self reinforces the idea that we are separate from each other, rather than encouraging us to remember that we are all aspects of the same Source of All That Is and Does (personal communication, Aaron through Barbara Brodsky, Ann Arbor, MI, taped conversation September 12, 2005). For those of us who have chosen a positive polarization, it is useful to remind ourselves of this again and again as a way to keep from getting too caught up in the Game of Duality.

Solara offers another perspective on the Game of Duality which also helps us not to fall into an "us" versus "them" mentality. She suggests that we have all freely experienced both negative and positive polarizations:

It is important for us to realize that every one of us has experienced numerous embodiments both on this planet and on larger playing fields, such as the area which I term Intergalactic. All of these incarnations were subject to the fluctuations of duality. Many of them were experienced as parallel realities, which means that while one part of yourself was whizzing around in starships, participating in huge intergalactic wars, another fragment of you was simultaneously having a lifetime on Earth!... What you can be certain of is that each of us has spent numerous incarnations as Lords of Light and Lords of Dark both here and in the intergalactic realms ( Solara, 1992:91).

6.2.2 Shift Happens!

The more extreme the polarization in the Game of Duality, the more profound is the integration that is possible at the end of a round of the game. Planet Earth is coming to the end of a particularly intense 25,000-year round of the game (more is said about the cyclical nature of the game in Section 7.2). A superficial review of the history of the twentieth century, with the human suffering caused by two World Wars and innumerable local and regional wars of liberation and oppression, gives the impression that the dark forces will be chalking up this round as an easy win. In Chapter 1 I present diverse lines of evidence that suggest this is not the case.

Nevertheless, there are also higher dimensional sources that give some weight to the view that Earth is a planet where the forces of darkness are exceptionally strong. From this perspective exceptional courage is needed, or perhaps foolhardiness, for a soul aligned with the forces of light to incarnate. Apparently, the benefit of incarnating on such a dark planet is more rapid spiritual evolution. For example, Sylvia Browne's guide Francine says that one can accomplish in three lives on Earth what might require 120 lives on another planet (Browne, 2000). From Francine's perspective, Earth at this time is the focus of a great battle between the forces of light and darkness.

Now speaking of the white entities, which you are, I've learned that many of you are also warriors; your lights have actually become brighter. There is an amazing, equal, and opposing phenomenon that we have never seen before: The dark has gotten darker. In all the aeons of time that the Akashic Records show us, we can't find any precedent for this [the Akashic records are a sort of cosmic library].
We even went to other planetary systems to see if any planet had ever turned this dark or this light. We're beginning to believe there is more to this than we even know, because we're seeing Nuovoites coming in by droves [I would classify Nuovo as a positively polarized fourth dimensional planet]. They're taking the position of your guides. It's almost like a group of tremendous warriors are coming in.
Based on what we've learned, I believe that this planet has become a pawn in the gigantic scheme of things, far beyond anything that any of us have ever realized. What happens here impacts the whole universe (Browne, 2001:59-60).

Before commenting on Francine's perspective, let me tell you what I've pieced together about how the Game of Duality is played at different dimensional levels.

The above summary of how the Game of Duality is played at different dimensional levels provides a larger framework for understanding Sylvia Browne's guide Francine's portrayal of Earth as a battleground for the forces of Light and Darkness. This is a typically fourth-dimensional way to characterize the Game of Duality (although I find that fifth dimensional HDBs may also use this terminology). The reason I suspect that Francine is offering a relatively limited 4D perspective is the way she characterizes Earth as a "pawn" in the larger scheme of things. In Chapter 8 (Sections 8.1 and 8.2) I will be offering a variety of higher dimensional perspectives which suggest, to continue with the metaphor of a chess game, that Earth is more like the Queen or King in the game.

The positive aspect of viewing Earth as a battleground between the forces of Light and Darkness is that it encourages us to make a conscious choice as to where our allegiance lies. In this respect, I prefer this view to the nihilism of post-modern philosophy that everything is relative, and by implication, meaningless (I oversimplify and freely admit to a personal dislike of post-modernist deconstructionism). The self-aware, manipulative service-to-self soul takes equal delight in ambivalence and ambiguity, on the one hand, and absolute certainty, on the other. The service-to-others soul on 3D Earth has the tricky task of using discernment to navigate a course between these extremes.

The potential pitfall of the militaristic imagery of Earth as a battleground is that we can give unmerited energy to what Carla Rueckert calls the "Loyal Opposition" (Rueckert, 2001:75) by encouraging a confrontational approach. In Japan a subtler form of the game of chess, called Shogi, is played. Many of the pieces move in a fashion similar to chess, but the big difference is that any piece one has captured can be redeployed as one's own piece. Consequently, the pieces are not black and white, since any piece (except the king) can be played on either side. I prefer to view the Game of Duality on Earth as I would a game of Shogi, in which opposing pieces are allies to be won over rather than as enemies to be defeated and taken out of the game.

The Game of Duality becomes more nuanced as we move to higher dimensions. A better metaphor might be the Japanese game of Go, a game I can play but to which I can claim no mastery. In contrast to a chessboard, which has 64 squares, Go is played on a grid with 361 intersections. The game is played with circular black and white stones which make a pleasing clink when placed on the board. The basic rules are simple, but masters of the game play with a subtlety that my mind can scarcely comprehend. In chess, the simple objective is to checkmate the opposing king. In Go, the master's objective is to create a board with an aesthetic pattern of black and white in which the victor wins by a margin of one space (i.e., when the last stone is played, the winner controls half the board plus one space). From a third dimensional perspective it is hard to see evidence that the game is being played in this way on Earth, but my sense is that it is.

When I say, Shift Happens, I am acknowledging that life on Earth isn't all sweetness and light. The Game of Duality can get pretty messy, but the messiness is a little easier to deal with if we can recognize it as a game. The game becomes even easier when we realize that we have some choice in how we play it. I would like to conclude this section with yet another higher dimensional perspective which uses the battle metaphor, but frames it in terms of different energies without using the term darkness:

When we call you "Warriors of the Light," do you now understand that this connotes a battle of some kind? In this case the battle is between new energy enlightenment and old energy stubbornness. It is the struggle of many old energy individuals to enter the new energy paradigm kicking and screaming with fear. The battle therefore is one of individual self-improvement or individual self-denial (Kryon III, 1995:43).

7.1 Multi-Dimensional Perspectives on Space and Time

For all my talk of a dimensional shift in consciousness, I lead a pretty 3D life-cutting, hauling and splitting fire wood to heat our house (it is winter as I write this), working in the garden, writing (I give my father's advice to aspiring writers: daily apply the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair). Since my own spiritual awakening, I have met many wonderful people whose lives exemplify the things I talk about in this book, but most of my family and friends in the community where I live listen with tolerant disbelief when I say that we are in the midst of a Great Shift in consciousness. They accept my intelligence and good-heartedness enough to not dismiss me as nuts, but the idea of moving to another dimensional level is a bit much.

I sympathize with this reaction because it is still hard for my 3D mind to wrap itself around the concept of multidimensional reality and to imagine what it really might mean to make a dimensional shift. I have had glimpses in my own experience, but I have found it hard to translate the experience into thoughts and words that my rational mind is able to understand. It doesn't help that higher dimensional sources use different terminology and different meanings for the same terms when describing multidimensional reality. In this Section I offer a framework for understanding multidimensional reality that I have pieced together from a variety of higher dimensional sources. Although I can't claim to fully understand what I present here, it is a framework that my rational mind has come to be comfortable with, recognizing as always that other information, which doesn't easily fit within this framework, is not necessarily wrong.

7.1.1 Density, Vibration and Dimensional Levels.

In Section 2.4.1 I identify string theory as an example of convergence of the physical and transcendent. In string theory physicists see vibrating strings of energy as the fundamental building blocks of material reality. In other words, the cosmos is all about vibration. I used to become mildly irritated when I heard people speak about "raising their vibrational level." I now accept that concept, which used to seem fuzzy-minded to me, as fundamental to understanding the Great Shift. The one element I see missing from string theory is that the vibrational underpinnings of the cosmos arise from consciousness which is immanent from the smallest vibrating string to the largest structure in the physical universe to the unimaginable vastness of multidimensional reality.

I was first introduced to the term density as a facet of multidimensional reality when I read the Ra material (Ra, 1984). I found the term counterintuitive because in material reality the term density implies heaviness, whereas according to Ra higher density implies more light in one's energy field. My higher dimensional friend Aaron uses the term density, and when I shared my difficulty with the term, he sympathized and said he uses it only because it has become so well-established (personal communication, Aaron/Barbara Rothbart, July 4, 2006). Royal and Priest (1992:95-96) define density as a vibrational frequency and use the term dimension to refer to one's location in space/time. Thus we can think of higher density as a higher vibrational frequency.

In Section 5.5 I described a thought experiment that provides a way to understand why most of us in the third dimension are unable to see higher dimensional Beings (HDBs) with our eyes. HDBs vibrate at a frequency that is faster than the speed of light. Since our visual perception isn't designed to perceive light at that frequency, we can't see them. Just as the speed of light sets an upper limit for what can be perceived in the third dimension, we can imagine higher dimensions or densities as being separated by higher and higher frequency limits.

I have settled on a seven density/dimensional model for understanding multidimensional reality because most information I have encountered from HDBs that relates to the Great Shift seems to fit such a model. I will describe the characteristics of these seven densities/dimensions below, but first I need to explain the distinction between density and dimension as I have come to understand the terms. I think of density as the vibrational level of an individuated consciousness unit whereas I use the term dimension to describe the collectively agreed-upon external reality that individuated consciousness units use to interact with each other. This is the first time I have referred to an individuated consciousness unit because at higher densities individuated consciousness can have a more collective character with some differentiation within the unit, but also a sense of differentiation from other consciousness units of the same density. For example, Ra, channeled through Carla Rueckert, identified itself as a sixth-density social memory complex (Ra, 1984, I:66). I'm going to repeat the definitions above, and if it still doesn't make a lot of sense to you, don't worry about it. I continue to struggle with the limitations of my own third-dimensional way of thinking, but I also trust that as we move farther into the Great Shift we will be able to assimilate and understand these concepts better.

7.1.2 Coexisting and Parallel Dimensions.

The term dimension implies space. It is only when three orthogonal directions are defined (length, width and height) that volumetric space comes into existence. In a conversation with my higher dimensional friend Aaron, during which I was trying to understand the idea of density better, I was surprised when he said that it is possible to evolve through different densities on a nonmaterial plane (as pure energy) as well as on a material plane (entering into a form made up of matter). That both the material and nonmaterial can be described as a plane suggests that space is common to both realms and that individuated consciousness on both planes evolve, with time (the measure of change) also common to both realms.

In Section 6.2.1 I introduced the idea that the Source of All That Is and Does, the unitary consciousness of which we are all are a part, contains two elements: Being (All That Is) and Doing (All That Does). Three-dimensional space and time provide both the framework for things to happen and also a common framework for multidimensional or, more accurately, multidensity experience. Many higher dimensional sources suggest that multidimensional reality can be understood as coexisting in three-dimensional space. For example, a fifth dimensional underground city named Telos is located beneath Mt. Shasta in California. According to the HDB Adama, High Priest of Telos. volcanic eruptions and earthquakes on third dimensional Earth may occasionally cause minor damage to the tunnels connecting Telos with other subterranean cities, but this is rare (Jones, 2004:43).

In my simplified way of understanding how multiple dimensions can coexist in space, the speed of light differs in each dimension. Inhabitants of a lower dimension are unable to perceive the physical features or inhabitants of higher dimensions with the perceptual organs that are designed to function at their own particular dimensional level. They are able to occupy the same space, without interfering with each other, in the same way that the signals for radio and television stations can coexist in space and are only detected when the radio or TV is tuned to receive the station.

In Sections 7.1.5 and 7.1.6 I elaborate on the idea of coexisting possible and probable timelines, which imply the existence of parallel dimensions or realities. This idea isn't completely outlandish when we consider that the concept of parallel universes can be derived from quantum mechanics and the physics of black holes (Section 2.4.8). Royal and Priest (1992:96) suggest that there are an infinite number of parallel dimensions within any given density or vibrational frequency. Since these multiple dimensions exist at the same vibrational frequency, something other than the speed of light must serve as a way to keep them separate. In my discussion of multiple timelines I suggest ways to think about this.

7.1.3 A Seven Density Model for the Evolution of Consciousness.

As I have already mentioned, most of the New Age and higher dimensional literature I have encountered that talks about a human and planetary dimensional shift seems to operate within a seven density and dimensional framework. There also seems to be correspondences with the 7-note diatonic scale in the Western musical tradition and the seven-chakra system of the human energy field. In Section 6.2.2 I describe how the Game of Duality is played out in the third through sixth dimensional levels. Here I will give a brief but more systematic description of the seven densities as I understand them.

Attributes of vibrational density are commonly described in terms of types of consciousness and the particular "lessons" that must be mastered before moving on to the next density. What I describe here comes primarily from what I have learned from the Ra material (Ra, 1984) and conversations with my higher dimensional friend Aaron, and focuses on how density relates to positively polarized souls and the material planes of planet Earth (see Section 6.2.2 for more on the relationship between density and polarity).

To give you a feeling for the number and distribution of planets at different levels of density, Ra noted that they were aware of approximately 67 million planets of differing densities: 17 percent first density (11.4 million), 20 percent second density (13.4 million), 27 percent third density (18.1 million), 16 percent fourth density (10.7 million), and 6 percent fifth density (4.0 million)-Ra would give no additional information about the remaining 16 percent of planets (Ra, 1984; I:154). Thus, Earth is one of about 18 million third density planets in the galaxy.

7.1.4 A Seven Dimensional Model for the Larger Reality.

The seven dimensional model presented here is a little messy in that the first two dimensions have no inherent significance except that they are necessary to create three-dimensional space, and the seventh dimension is unknowable. I have encountered higher dimensional sources that speak of conscious two-dimensional Beings. If such Beings exist, they have a tangential relationship to our reality, and I have not encountered enough information about them to say anything intelligent about them. Space, in the geometric sense of length, width and height creating volume, provides a common framework for the model of multidimensional reality that I offer here. The third through the sixth dimensions provide the common meeting ground for Beings of the corresponding vibrational density and can be thought of as coexisting in the same space. However, above the third dimension the shared reality becomes more fluid and not subject to the limitations of space and linear time that we experience on third-dimensional Earth. Since seventh density, as I have defined it, is ultimately unknowable to any individuated consciousness, the corresponding seventh dimension is unknowable as well.

In Section 6.2.2 I describe how the Game of Duality is played out in the third through sixth dimensions. Here I will say a bit more about the characteristics of these dimensions as they are expressed physically.

In Chapter 8 I describe the amazing things that make the human and planetary dimensional shift that is underway such an unprecedented event in the cosmos. In a nutshell, it is my understanding that the timeline shift that I talk about in Section 7.4 gives all humans alive on Earth today the option of making a shift to the fourth fifth dimension. We also have the option of staying in the third dimension, but not on Earth.

As I said earlier, most of the higher dimensional information I have read, to the extent that it speaks of density or dimensions, seems to fit reasonably well into the seven dimensional models I have described above, but not all. For example, Patricia Cori channels the sixth-dimensional Speakers of the Sirian High Council who are joined by light beings of yet higher dimensions (Cori, 2002), Jelaila Starr channels the Ninth Dimensional Nibiruan Council (Starr, 2003), and Robert Shapiro has channeled Xri from the Ninth Dimension (Shapiro, 2001:151-165). In these examples, I think the discrepancies can be explained as different dimensional systems just as the seven-chakra system (common to many spiritual and cultural traditions) and the Egyptian twelve-chakra system of the human body differ. Drunvalo Melchizedek notes that both are valid, but you have to use one or the other (Melchizedek, 2000:320-321). If the examples above fit a twelve-dimensional model that is analogous to the seven and twelve chakra models of the human energy field, I can relate them to my seven-dimensional model as follows: the sixth dimension would fall between the fourth and fifth dimensions in the seven-dimensional model and the ninth dimension would fall between the fifth and sixth dimension.

Multidimensional reality is too huge to be easily pigeon-holed, and there are many other ways to understand it. For example Barbara Hand Clow has developed a nine dimensional model based on Pleiadian sources (Clow, 1995, 2004) which has no real correspondence to the systems I have described above. I honor all ways of viewing multidimensional reality. I hope that what I have presented here makes the idea of a human and planetary dimensional shift a little more concrete and meaningful.

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