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Starseed/Lightworker Miasms (2)
Posted September 4, 2006

Dear Reader,

The following text is from my eBook Preparing Ourselves for the Great Shift, Volume I: A Guide to Cosmic and Global Aspects of the Coming Dimensional Shift in Human Consciousness. Since the material is relevant to the general subject of miasms, I have decided to post it as background material for the Starseed/Lightworker Misams page.

Blessings, Love and Light,

Russell Boulding

C2.8 Dealing with Mischievous Entities and Other Energetic Challenges.

If you have come directly to this section out of curiosity, I recommend that you read all of the prior material in this Appendix first (All of Appendix C can be downloaded from the Great Shift website: If you have already done so, then you are sufficiently attracted to playing the multidimensiona l game of duality that, if you have not already done so, you may well find yourself consciously encountering mischievous higher dimensional entities at some time in your journey. Without going into a lot of detail (remember that we give energy to where we focus our thoughts) I will offer a few observations and practical pointers.

Carla Rueckert, and her companions Don Elkins and Jim McCarty experienced sustained efforts by a powerful, negatively polarized fifth density entity to disrupt the transmissions of the Ra material. In her Channeling Handbook Carla acknowledges that many would interpret such an experience as psychic attack, but says that she prefers to call it psychic greeting, noting that this shift in attitude is the key to dealing with such an occurrence (Rueckert, 1987:56). I agree whole-heartedly. When a mischievous entity offers us a psychic greeting, it is giving us the opportunity to deal with our own fears and offer our own psychic greeting of unconditional love in return.

My higher dimensional friend Aaron taught me to challenge three times any entity whenever I had the slightest doubt about its intention. The challenge that I use is as follows:

Are you in service of Divine Light and Unconditional Love for all Beings?

If I do not sense a clear positive response, I respectfully thank the entity for testing my discernment and tell it to leave, or, if it wants, to observe what I am doing from a distance without interfering. No positively polarized entity will ever be offended by being questioned, so you should never hesitate to make such a challenge. Standard practice for individuals who serves as a channel for a HDB is to offer a challenge before allowing it to connect energetically. Those who choose to actively work with higher dimensional energies are most likely to encounter mischievous fourth density entities which reside in what is often called the astral plane. Those drawn to the practice of magic, shamanism, and conscious astral projection are most likely to experience such encounters. As discussed in Section C2.2, our fifth density Dark Brothers rarely focus their direct attention on third density humans, and if this happens I can assure you that you will have the inner resources to deal with one, and receive whatever additional help you need.

There are certain practices that are likely to bring a person in direct contact with mischievous entitites: magic, shamanism, and astral travel. I say a bit about each below.

So far I have addressed psychic greetings from higher dimensional entities that are perceived as separate from one's own energy field. It is also possible to receive psychic greetings from other humans who impinge unconsciously or consciously on one's own energy field (Brennan, 1993). Typically the person who does this is not aware of what they are doing energetically, but some do this deliberately. Less neutral terms for such individuals include psychic vampire and energy predator or parasite (State, 2004). As I was doing research for this section I was startled to find that there is a subculture of individuals who proudly accept the name psychic vampire, and view themselves as having a positive role to play in the lives of those whose energy they feed upon (Belanger, 2004).

Setting Energetic Boundaries. I have had the experience of being with individuals who left me feeling drained of energy or with my own energy field feeling frazzled around the edges. I prefer to think of dealing with such situations as setting energetic boundaries. When you are feeling an energy drain or energetically ragged, a simple exercise to bolster your energy field is to visualize being enveloped in healing white light. Early in my own awakening I found that often my arms would spontaneously start making figure-eight motions. I had no idea what it signified until I read about the Celtic Weave in Donna Eden's book Energy Medicine. The Celtic Weave can be used to smooth and strengthen one's energy field, and Eden provides other simple methods for enhancing one's energy field (Eden, 1998).

Finally, there is the energetic challenge of intrusions within one's energy field that become attached to it in some way. Drunvalo Melchizedek identifies five types of entities and dysfunctional thought forms that may live within a person although they are not part of the person (Melchizedek, 2000:386):

(1) A living being from another dimension who has somehow entered this world; in the world from which they came, they are useful and necessary to the universe as a whole, but here they create problems.

(2) A human spirit who, out of fear, has not left the third dimensions and has chosen to reside within another person.

(3) ET spirits who may or may not be from this dimension but are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

(4) Dysfunctional thought forms, the thought of a human or other being that has arrived within a person, usually by intention. A spell, curse, directed hatred can all come to life within a person. Once within a person it will usually take on a form, which might have almost any shape, and a life-force energy giving the appearance of being alive.

(5) Rarely there is a spirit of a highly evolved nature who is good for a person, which will leave on its own at the right time.

A variant of the fourth type is a favorite of our ET brothers in the loyal opposition is an energetic implant (also called a psychotronic implant) that functions as a block for realizing our potential as powerful positively polarized multidimensional Beings. The higher self of an individual who has such an implant will guide him or her to find a way to release the implant when the time is right for that person.

The idea of being possessed by a spirit can seem scary, and the Catholic Church has developed rather heavy-handed procedures for exorcism. I would like to offer you an entirely different way to look at this phenomenon and some options for dealing with it if this might be an energetic issue for you. The term miasm has been around since the Greek physician Hippocrates postulated that infectious diseases were transmitted by tainted air or water, and it is now used by practitioners of homeopathic medicine to refer predispositions to a disease pattern passed from one generation to the next. I would like to use the term in the precise way that Machaelle Small Wright defines it:

Miasms are energy realities that exist independently of and within life systems. A miasm may be viewed as a localized pocket or concentration of energies comprising elements that do not enhance, stabilize or maintain the balance and well-being of the larger life system. A miasm is a small energy reality that is part of a larger life system but is out of time and place with the overall direction and purpose of that larger system (Wright, 2002).

All of Melchizedek's categories fall within this definition, which provides a neutral way to look at what is happening. Early in my awakening process my MAP team removed a miasm from my energy field. After it was removed it felt like there was a large empty cavity in the left side of my torso, which was gradually reconstructed and filled by the end of the session. At the time I didn't have any frame of reference for calling it anything more than a miasm, and now that I do, I see no reason to try to categorize it further.

The gentlest way I know to remove a miasm oneself is to use Machaelle Small Wright's Perelandra processes: flower essences, MAP, microbial balancing (Wright, 1988, 1994, 2004). Most shamanic and energy-healing practitioners use a frame of reference similar to Melchizedek's for understanding the phenomenon, and have techniques for removing unwanted attachments to an individual's energy field. As always, I recommend using discernment when choosing who to ask for help.

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