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Elemental POL #107
February, 2015

On January 4, 2015 I received an email from Mandi in Australia who had found the Elemental POL project page by searching the web:

I have been called to do some work on POL #107 in Cambodia over the next couple of weeks. I am not sure what I'm exactly 'meant' to be doing, however I have been given some selinite swords along the way to take with me and I feel inclined to take a lumerian [Lemurian] quartz with me also. I have recently become more awake to my 'role' here on earth as a crystalline being working upon the grid...As the universe has placed me in Cambodia to do some yoga & mediation teaching as well as filming for New Earth Nation, this work with the crystalline grid is a little unexpected though I am happy to roll with it...SO I did some research and found you...! Wondering if you could be a little more specific for me as to where you discovered the POL to be? It seems that I am to re-ignite or re-callibrate, fine tune???? or bring the spirit of 'Australia' to Cambodia to increase the light quotient? I'm not sure - perhaps you can help me?

I wrote back with a bit of background on the etheric activation that took place at Angkor Wat in April, 2009 and on January 11 received this message from Cambodia:

Just thought I would fill you in! I ended up bringing 2 crystals with me...I thought one was just on the journey with me...but no...I went to Angkor Wat and as I came up through the south gate, I heard the animal kingdom, and elementals calling to me...felt my left hand really tingle, saw dragonflies and thought - this is the place...but did nothing..I was with 2 others I didn't want them around... Next day I went off by myself to Beng Mealea, which is the lotus temple...its in ruins but quite lovely set out from the road not nearly as tourist occupied.

I was called to go there. I asked for signs. In my pathway was a playing card...queen of hearts,

then when I got there 3 local boys took me under there wing...they noticed my aquamarine ring( a sign I find) whilst there I had tingling in my right hand...

I dropped my lens cap into the ruins...I took this also to be a sign to stop there...

then on the way out of the Western gate I wandered into the greenery and was directed to a circle of 12 trees...I asked for clear guidance if this was the right spot, my right hand tingled and a butterfly flew into the circle...I took this as a sign!

After invoking the elementals, the divas, the animal, mineral, vegetable kingdoms, I drew the selenite wands and asked for assistance in drawing light to this land, connecting with the land of Australia, calling for all to assist in co-creating a future where all are healed and will peacefully co-exist on Earth. An earth that is pristine in its beauty and has sparkling clear water and clean healthy air for all to breathe...an Earth where all cultures are honoured and respected, where no one tries to convert others but all peacefully co-exist. A world of abundance and plenty by way of food, shelter and opportunity. Drawing in the light, as above so below and all are re- connected and re-coded with the majesty of Light..I felt the breeze stop and all was deeply still in the peace...then it released and I felt it was over...Drawing down the light was very powerful...the connection to Mother Earth very powerful too...I slept much longer than normal last night and felt a little disorientated when I first woke... I still have the crystal that I came to leave, and I am thinking Angkor Wat is probably the spot though checking out the women's temple too on Thursday... Will keep you updated

Eight days later I received another update:

Well I've had quite an adventure here in Seim Reap, really loved and felt appreciated with my mediations and teaching, reaped up the amazing energy from the temples and of this land, had blessings from monks, captured some beautiful images and footage. When we last communicated I had just placed the first crystal, for the rest of the stay I was looking for the 2nd spot. I got the feeling the 1st crystal was a masculine energy and this second a feminine. So I went to the obvious place Banteay Srei, a women's temple. It was beautiful and the energy there was peaceful and melodic but to wasn't the spot, I wasn't feeling it. Then I went back to east side of Angkor Wat and was given no direction there either (apart from being majorly impressed - lol) So I thought oh well maybe I'm only meant to leave the one... Maybe I'm to keep this crystal and work with it some more. Then I had my 'atlas correction' opening to the mouth of god and I had strong direction that I was to place the crystal in one of the first temples. I researched and narrowed it down and decided that Phnom Bakeng was where I needed to go. It had all the right numbers and was cosmically aligned, and I felt drawn there. So before I went to the airport I has the driver take me there, it was peaceful and beautiful. I could hear the birds singing, there was magic around! I called in for assistance from all PC the kingdoms to give me clear signs as to where to leave the crystal and proceeded to take some photos enjoying myself as I climbed the mountains.

I noticed on the way up at a west viewing point that overlooked the water in the distance and there were lots of signs that this may be the spot.

Nevertheless I went all the way up there was a small Buddha at the top to pray to, some incense, it was very picturesque and felt like the right place, I had some time to myself up there and just as I was about to step into a forbidden temple a guard popped his head out!

So I made my away back down and thought that maybe I was meant to keep working with the crystal after all... Then just before hitting the western lookout spot birds started calling and my left hand tingling, so I thought ok double confirmation however there were about 20 people there. I stood behind them looking out towards the lathe body of water and realised that I was to be the point of light. Within my mind I once more invoked the elements, all of the kingdoms, the ascended masters, celestial beings, spirit guides angelic beings, Devi and asked that they assist me in drawing down the light and connecting it with the great mother there. My left hand vibrated and it felt as if both feet were 'stuck'. Or 'ground' into the floor. I couldn't move for about 5 mins the charge remained. The 'sightseers' walked around me and I had the wands in my bag. This seemed the way spirit wanted it though... I realised that this was the feminine charge and I am female that is why the swords were not needed.. It was a great learning curve to do this work amongst others! Then I could release my feet and walked over to the platform. I took some images of a beautiful spiders web, and was greeted by a small lizard. I took these as signs that I had done the right thing.. Yet I still had the crystal... Again. I thought ok great I get to keep it and play with it, but no it was meant to stay As I walked back down the hill I was directed to a large snake or lizard hole so I threw the crystal down there for the reptile kingdom to again care for us! I walked off smiling and felt very charged yet peaceful :-)

Abundant and infinite gratitude for allowing me to partake in this amazing work... About to board so time to go! PS are there POL in Laos? Been invited there now in June :-)

I wrote back to say that Laos would be a good location for a Peridotite seeding as part of the Upper Mantle Project, as a way to anchor the southeast Asian part of the Eurasian Plate. On January 20 I received a reply:

Those Peridotite Stones seem the go for Laos...I'm now back home, have been to the ocean twice today - I really missed the ocean! I forgot to say in the first placing of the crystal I took a boat ride out to see the floating villages and ended up in the centre of Tonle Sap (this big lake in the centre of 5 provinces in Cambodia) The driver stopped the boat and we just sat there for about 15 minutes...it wasn't till later in my journey that I realised the significance of that, the healing of the water given before I left my hometown I had hosted a water meditation at the ocean near where I live for 100 people - setting sanklapas...1 personal, 1 for local community and one for the greater global community....very high vibrational event...then I read that water healing is where you [the EEH Network] are headed with this...quite remarkabe...